Saturday, August 21, 2010

North Wales Explorer

5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe is seen getting into her stride just after joining the Sutton Park line at Park Lane Junction. The Castle was working Vintage Trains 'North Wales Explorer' from Tyseley to Llandudno Junction.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nice Weather For Ducks

Here's another shot of 60009 working yesterday's 6G45 Toton to Bescot. The 'Tug' is seen approaching Streetly Gate crossing in monsoon conditions.

Full Downpour 'Tug'

60009 is seen running down towards the Blue Hole with 6G45 from Toton to Bescot yesterday evening. The weather could have been best described as a torrential downpour...

Full-Sun Shed

66194 takes 6D44 Bescot - Toton under the Wylde Green Road bridge on Monday 16th August.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Both Sides of the Bridge

66078 with a down train of empty 'flats', and 66035+66168 with 6D44 on the up, seen from both sides of Mayers Bridge in Sutton Park.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Royal Diamond

67029 'Royal Diamond' is caught passing Water Orton yesterday morning with 1Z24, a charter express running from Bristol to Hartlepool. Also shown is coach 'Riviera' bringing up the rear of the train.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Station Rainbow

While waiting for the charter train at Water Orton on Saturday morning this rainbow appeared over the old station entrance building.

Friday, August 6, 2010

6M67 Bridgwater - Crewe

37059 + 37069 charge through Streetly on the 5th August with a diverted flask working (this service usually runs via Bescot).

Monday, August 2, 2010

Steady as she goes, driver

The odd-looking sight of 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' running tender-first with support coach in tow on Monday 19th July. The combo ran from Tyseley to Bescot where the coach was remarshalled to the rear and the train departed boiler-first back home to Crewe.

The loco had worked the historic 'The Midlander' charter train the previous Saturday, the first steam-hauled train from Birmingham's New Street station since the mid-1960s.

Sheds in a Field

66143 + 66125 streak across the cornfields at Branton Hill on Wednesday 28th July 2010 with 6D44 Bescot - Toton, consisting of a few wagons loaded with concrete sleepers (most likely from Washwood Heath CMX depot).

Another blue day...

60011 heads 6E08 from Wolverhampton Steel Terminal across Sutton Park during mid-afternoon on the 28th July. A couple of VTG Carless tanks had been attached to the empty steel train at Bescot before proceeding.

Nice to see yet another blue-liveried loco passing through the area, even if she did look a little shabby after the removal of the 'Mainline' decals !