Monday, March 28, 2011

Keeper's Well

Keepers Well is about forty minutes walk from Druids Well, located near the Keepers Pool, and is a more conventionally shaped well. The pool and well are at least 600 years old, the pool was initially built to stock fish and is more formal than Bracebridge or Blackroot Pools.

The well has been maintained but it looks as though vandals have kicked over part of the wall. A freshwater spring bubbles up at the side of the well.

Note the Comma butterfly basking on the well wall in the first photo, and a close-up of the same insect.

This well is quite photogenic compared to Druids !

Druid's Well

It is not generally known that there are three water wells within Sutton Park, two of which date back to medieval times, and that all three survive fairly intact.

The most dilapidated is Druids Well, located in muddy woodland near Bracebridge Pool, which has remained overgrown and forgotten for many years now. Although this well is only about 200 years old it is said to have been sited on an old freshwater spring.

After locating the grave-sized rectangular well today I had to cut back brambles and shrubs, and remove earth and leaves to expose the stone paving.

As can be seen in the 100-year old photograph the well had a dog kennel-like housing protecting the water, this shelter is now discarded nearby (it is made of a concrete-like material with internal wire mesh, and is very heavy).

The well still draws water from the ground, but the water is tainted by rotting leaves, silt and moss etc.

Note - For some unknown reason the blog has published the last photo upside down...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peds on the Park

Whilst waiting for the 60, this fine pair of old beasts passed through on an 0Z80 Washwood Heath-Derby move, strangely running via Bescot and Stoke! I didn't even know they were due!

Colas PGA Move

47739 moved 10 PGAs from Stoke Marcroft down to Long Marston on 24th March 2011. Alas the shot at the old Sutton Park station is somewhat compromised by that new signal, but thankfully this telephoto shot is still possible!

Teenage Tug on the Cement

Teenage Cancer Trust-liveried 60074 worked 6M82 Walsall-Tunstead on 24th March 2011 so once again I found myself near Penns mingling with the brambles!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Birthday Treat (2)

A Brucie Bonus move from 14th March was 37676 & 37685 coming down from Crewe with one of the NR 86/9s, collecting the other one from Bescot and then moving the duo to the RTC at Derby. Not knowing if they'd leave Bescot early or on time, I played it safe and went for a going away shot at Walsall Cement Works. Unusual visitors to the Sutton Park Line for sure!

A Birthday Treat (1)

On March 14th 2011, I celebrated (?!) my birthday with a trip down to Walsall to shoot old DRS-liveried odd couple 37607 & 20303 working 6M56 from Berkeley-Crewe.

Sneaky Saturday Seventy

On Saturday 19th March, 70004 worked 4V46 Rugeley-Stoke Gifford empty coal. I sneaked into the field near Penns to grab this shot, cutting my legs on brambles in the process! Good job it wasn't 3 minutes earlier or I'd have endured that for a dulled out ruined shot!

DB Shed Needs a Bath!

Add ImageOn 17th March, a filthy DB Red 66152 worked 6M82 Walsall-Tunstead - seen here passing East View Road almost bang on time.

Friday, March 18, 2011

T In The Park

Battle of Britain Class No. 34067 Tangmere is seen passing Sutton Park old station while working 5Z37 Carnforth to Southall.

Friday, March 11, 2011

1Q69 Test Train

Smart-looking DRS loco 37087 runs down through the 'Blue Hole' cutting (near Rushall) on Friday afternoon with test train 1Q69 from Derby. The pantograph fitted to one of the coaches was unused as the train wasn't conducting tests anywhere under the wires, being routed to Hereford via Shrewsbury.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5Z47 Carnforth - Tyseley

47786 'Roy Castle OBE' peeps through a sunspot as she brings a rake of stock past East View yesterday afternoon. The train of ten coaches was headed to Tyseley.

Thanks to Richard Coghlan for this photo.

Sea Urchins in Dry Dock

A few snaps of the stranded wagons near the old Post Office connection at Sutton Park. The wagon numbers of the two 'Urchin' ZCA types are T 110780 and (I think) DC 460460.

T 110780 still has it's Shildon works plate fitted. I assume these wagons of spoil were detached from ballast workings as 'cripples' years ago, since when the siding they stand on has been disconnected from the main lines.

Nearby is a small electricity sub-station along Midland Road and up line signal SY269. The days are numbered for this signal and all the other 40-year old signals along this route when the newly positioned signals are activated in April 2012.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cabinet Flask

6M56 from Berkeley passes through Streetly earlier this afternoon with 66431 + 66427 doing the haulage honours. Several new lineside cabinets have sprung up this spring in connection with the ongoing resignalling scheme.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Blue 37s

37038 + 37601 pass bridge 41 in the gloom of Sutton Park late this afternoon with two flasks running from from Berkeley to Crewe.