Saturday, February 9, 2008

Steeling the Chinas

60006 Scunthorpe Ironmaster is seen away from its normal duties on 26.04.00, heading for Sutton Park at Walsall on the 6V70 Cliffe Vale to St Blazey china clay empties. I thought this blue livery was much nicer than the silver garb they gained later on.

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GWR55 said...

Absolutely superb - you know I need that blue beast !!
Originally named "Great Gable" (as was Peak loco number D4), 60006 was apparently the first of it's class to actually haul a train, 18 years ago in Feb 1990 when it headed a Foster Yeomans stone service.
On the 2nd October 2004 it caught fire while in charge of a ballast train at Appleby on the Settle & Carlisle line and was removed to Toton where it has languished ever since.