Saturday, March 8, 2008

Walsall PSB

A view of Walsalls panel. The Grand Junction Lines are at the top, Hamstead top left, continuing to Tame Bridge and the Bescot yards and loops (under the clock). From Bescot Junction the routes are: ahead to Darlaston Junction and Wolverhampton PSB's area (extreme right), and diverging to the right are the lines to Pleck Junction and Walsall, the out of use Dudley routes can be seen between these lines and the up and down Darlaston lines which run from Pleck to Darlaston Junctions.

Walsall station is bottom left, the four lines becoming two through Park St Tunnel and on to Ryecroft Junction at the extreme left, where the Cannock and Sutton Park lines diverge.
Walsall PSB is a Westinghouse Brake & Signal design dating from 1965, the other West Midlands powerboxes at Wolverhampton, Bescot Down Tower and Birmingham New Street were products of the same company. Saltley PSB was a later construction dating from 1969 and the contractor was AEI.

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the Guroo said...

A rarely seen insiders view. And only a few years to go for Walsall PSB before it transfers to the new Saltley Signalling Centre and becomes history too !