Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More on the Aldridge - Walsall Wood Branch

There's not much left of this old line which opened in 1884 and ran from Aldridge Junction on the Sutton Park line, to Walsall Wood and Brownhills. The double-track railway closed completely around 1962, so it's unlikely that a diesel loco ever ran over it... If anyone has any older photo's of this area they would be very gratefully received !

1 & 2 The railway passed under Coppy Lane (now known as Coppice Lane) at this bridge north of Aldridge. The Vigo Landfill (called "Utopia" Quarry !) has obliterated all trace of the trackbed on the northside.

3 Looking from the Coppy Lane bridge towards Aldridge, with the old Colliery site on the right. Part of the former trackbed is now flooded, and that telegraph pole in the centre of the picture is probably all that remains from the railway at track level !

4 A-Z map showing the area, dating from around 1964. The Daw End canal branch is shown in blue, the Aldridge - Walsall Wood line being to the right of the canal, running roughly parallel to it.

Another bridge remains at Vigo Road, more photo's in the pipeline........

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