Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aldridge from above

A terrific aerial photo dating from the 1920s and showing a very rural looking Aldridge town, station and signalbox. The station is located centre of picture with the railway running from the Water Orton direction (middle right) towards Walsall (bottom left), where the junction for Walsall Wood can be seen. A goods train appears to be standing along the downside platform with the tail end under Anchor Road bridge.

St Mary's church is located at the top of the photograph, with a clearly-seen pathway leading across the Croft towards it (the diagonal white line). Cows graze the Croft meadow and a large pond (now part of a car park !) can be made out left of the path.

The town shops and buildings have yet to spread along Anchor Road, and there is no sign either of the Avion cinema (apparently opened by George Formby in the 1930s).

Photo Aerofilms (copyright).

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Regan said...

Superb!! Thats a fascinating photo.