Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wagons Off The Road !

In July 1988 a derailment occurred on the Sutton Park line leading to five HEA-type domestic coal wagons going down the embankment near the Chester Road between Streetly and Aldridge. The train involved was 6J43, a Saturday-only Washwood Heath to Gobowen service loaded with 7 coal hoppers, and thought to have been worked by loco 37218. Shortly after passing the Hardwick Wood foot crossing the track changed from jointed to long welded rail back then, and a strong lurching was felt at that point with the train brakes coming on. The loco and the first two HEA's remained on the rails but the next five trucks had gone down the embankment with coal spilling out everywhere. Fortunately no other trains were passing at the time, and the train stopped before the Chester Road bridge was reached.

Eventually the 5 condemned trucks were removed to the old station site at Aldridge, where they were cut up in situ within a couple of weeks.

Many thanks to Lee Sutton for supplying these great shots, and to Phill B. for additional information.

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