Monday, April 7, 2008

Old Station

The site of the former station at Sutton Park, viewed from the very high bridge on Anchorage Road.
4090 heads west behind loco 56303, as 6E79 approaches with loco 66169 on the front.
To the right can be seen the island platform, recently cleared of trees, to the left is what remains of the down (Walsall-bound) platform, now fenced off.
Also enclosed is a photo from June 1949 (just into BR days) looking in the same direction (towards Walsall) but from the island platform itself.
On show is an LMS loco on a train in the right hand platform (this side is now disused and rail-less).
Also to be seen are the footbridge and station buildings and a bench with "Sutton Park" inscribed upon it.
To the left can be seen the crossover between the main lines, the signalbox, and another loco standing on coaches adjacent to the Mail sorting depot.

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Regan said...

Nice pair of photos, the older one is a great find. One wonders wether the Park line will one day see passenger services again.