Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cement at Walsall

60096 draws forward on the cement tanks at Walsall yesterday, waiting for the final few wagons to be emptied.


Regan said...

Good one. Tasker Streets only service now. The yard could handle a variety of traffic..

the Guroo said...

I used to work at Tasker St in the late 70s. On the night turn the papers (1G04 from Brum) would roll in at around 0330, usually a Class 25 with one or two vans containing the daily newspapers for offloading for the station etc.
Then around 0500 Trip 28 (also usually a Class 25) would arrive with vans for the NCL, steel and other traffic for Tasker St, and mixed engineers traffic for Long St Pway. Other freights would be trundling by on the main line for the South Staffs or Sutton lines.

Apart from that you could usually get a good nights sleep...

Bodleys box (shunt frame) was still open then, but I don't think it was manned on nights.