Friday, November 9, 2007

It's all around

37410 has been hanging around Bescot for most of this week, usually plodding along on the Birch Coppice trip with a very sedate driver at the controls unwilling to extend the beast, but on Thursday she was able to stretch her legs by taking a raft of ferrywagons to Long Marston with a different traincrew in charge. The second photo shows the loco working hard up the incline from Ryecroft with it's lengthy train to LM, the others show various Birch Coppice trip moves including Friday's light loco run.

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Quality shots as usual. You are lucky sitting there on the Park line, you just cant miss them even if you try! Shame the driver has not been up to scratch recently. Typical of us. We need that driver who took 11 and 25 on there, each day!