Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Box Diagram

The box diagram from the Midland Railway signalbox at Park Lane Junction still survives. Its on display in the railway museum at Norchard station on the Dean Forest Railway.


Regan said...

Thats a nice find, well preserved too.

the Guroo said...

Thats amazing, what a find, I had no idea any relics from the box had survived.
The diagram is still marked MR (Midland Railway) as well, so must be older than 1948 when BR was formed.

The plan shows the double tracks at the junction to still be in place, which was the case right up to the end of 1969 when the box was closed and Saltley PSB took over operations here.

Today the two lines are singled where they pass over the Park Lane road bridge.

Wonder if the box plates passed into preservation, or those of Sutton Park and Aldridge boxes.....

Good one.