Thursday, July 31, 2008

An unusual move.

Occasionally there is a need to run locomotives from Bescot to Pleck Junction to cross over and return to Bescot. There are several options at Pleck to do the move. The loco can be routed to the Down Slow Line, the P-Way siding or the Down Fast, the latter being the most unusual route but the most efficient one when it is possible. Such was the case this morning when 66425 made this movement as it was running round 4E42 from Rugeley PS to Barrow Hill on one of the Bescot Goods Loops. Here we see the loco running over the crossover between the Down Fast and the Up Fast Lines to return to it's train at Bescot.

This crossover was temporarily removed on the 20 April 2003 and the Fast Lines were plain lined. It was reinstalled in Easter 2005.

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the Guroo said...

Nice work. Further along there were always trips and trains crossing over and shunting into the P Way, Carriage Sidings and Coal Yards a couple of decades ago, not to mention Tasker St and the NCL depots (shucks, I just did...), but I guess it's a rare move these days with practically all of those yards having closed !
(Bodley's box would have controlled the P Way yard moves anyway back then...).