Thursday, July 24, 2008

An unusual move occurred on Tuesday this week which I missed by being at work, so I was pleased to find that the Flying Ferret had been to Streetly Gate to capture the event, and has given me permission to reproduce the photo's here.

They show 47773 at the head of some stock running from Tyseley to Carnforth (5Z86), and at the rear of the train sat electric loco 86259 "Les Ross", owned by the radio DJ of the same name.

At Bescot the pan was raised and the loco energised, the Class 86 AC electric taking the train forward to Carnforth (47773 was apparently detached at Bescot and returned light engine to Tyseley).

Thanks to Ferret for these fine pics.

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Rare photos there of such beasts although may have to return that way as well. I assumed the 86 tours to Scotland had been canacelled due to it being unfit, but apparently not! Nice pictures.