Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Penns possession

At the eastern end of the Sutton Park line today work was feverishly progressing with swarms of orangemen in charge of drainage ditches being dug, track being positioned, floodwater being pumped out and equipment passed down from bridges and access points. Apparently there was a bank slip the previous evening, which also caused water to flood the tracks, probably from underground aquifers. The loco at the head of the ballast is 66004.

The remains of the up platform at the former Penns station can be seen on the right in the fifth photograph.

Also note the staggered parapet walls of Eachelhurst Road (bridge number 20, with the footbridge) and Penns Lane (bridge number 21) bridges, the only two bridges on this route to be so finished...

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Regan said...

Again some superb working photos. The bank slip was not in the script, an occasional hazard on the Park line.