Sunday, July 6, 2008

Streetly surprise

This excellent undated photo (probably a hundred years old) clearly shows that Streetly station once had a "back road", a down loop extending along an island platform, at left. Also on view is a platform signalbox. The station buildings on the upside (right) were demolished towards the end of the 1990's, after having had usage as a garage since 1965 ! All of the other stations along the route had been closed by British Rail in January 1965.

Photo copyright J.V.

The modern view shows apartments built near the site of the old station buildings, and the Hardwick Road bridge in the distance is obscured by tree growth, despite some recent tree-clearance ! The former down loop is now a drainage channel amongst the trees on the left.


Regan said...

Very interesting, the Park Line Stations were all very similar, but I didn't know of the box at Streetly. There is still talk of introducing passenger services overthe line so maybe a station will appear here again.

the Guroo said...

Tell you what, there's a great view of the down line from that top apartment balcony !